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from The Guide to the Star Wars Universe

Banthas are large quadrupeds with long, thick fur and bright, inquisitive eyes. Long spiral horns grow in pairs from the heads of male banthas. On the planet Tatooine, banthas are used as beasts of burden by the moisture farmers and as pack animals by the Sand People.

These large herbivores are extremely adaptable, able to live on a variety of worlds and in a wide range of climates. They can survive for weeks without food or water. Males grow as large as three meters at the shoulders, while female banthas are slightly smaller. The domesticated bantha can be found throughout the galaxy, and wild bantha herds thunder across many worlds. Because of its widespread presence, the bantha's world of origin has been lost in the distance past. Almost every planet where the creatures exist claims to be the home world of the bantha.

Banthas are used for many things, depending on which part of the galaxy they are found in. Herders raise the huge beasts for food and clothing. Some of the finest restaurants serve bantha steaks, and bantha-skin boots and cloaks are popular among the upper class.

These magnificent creatures have even inspired a religion. Priests of the Dim-U religion are devoted to the mystery of the bantha. These priests and their followers believe that a great message of universal importance has been hidden in the simple bantha, and that once the mystery is solved, an incredible age of peace and bounty will begin.

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Disclaimer: Star Wars and all related characters, trademarks, and graphics are all property of Lucasfilm Ltd. The above entry is from The Guide to the Star Wars Universe by Bill Slavicsek.