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The Jundland Wastes,is a rocky region of canyons and hidden dangers, that occupy most of Tatooine's temperate area. It stretches in a primarily north-south band from Fort Tusken in the north, all the way to a point several kilometers south of Wayfar. The region's eastern arm reaches to cut Anchorhead and Tosche station off from the northern towns, including Mos Eisley.

The majority of what indigenous animal life Tatooine can claim dwells among the Wastes. The most fearsome of these is the krayt dragon, a huge reptilian beast larger than the bantha. Live specimens are seldom seen, but most of Tatooine's citizens are familar with the scavenged and largely-buried krayt dragon skelton that lies at the edge of the Dune Sea.

One of Tatooine's more interesting natural rock formations is found within the Wastes, in a place known as Beggar's Canyon. The Stone Needle, as it is called, towers nearly 60 meters above the canyon floor and was shaped by strange, erosive forces that have baffled the scientific minds of Tatooine. Early explorers speculated that the rock formation had been carved by extinct, native beings, but no real evidence exists to substantiate this theory.


Disclaimer: Star Wars and all related characters, trademarks, and graphics are all property of Lucasfilm Ltd. The above entry is from Star Wars: Technical Journal of the Planet Tatooine.