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28 FEB 99: I am still working on the overall layout of the page, currently changing to the marble background and modifying som of the graphics to match it.

21 FEB 99: As one can see it has been almost two months since I have worked on or updated the page. With the Holidays, a pleasant TDY to Las Vegas, and an addiction to Baldur's Gate, I never got the time to work on the page as I wanted to. I am hoping I will be able to work on the page at least once a week from now on, either updating it with new materials or working on the overall layout. Time will tell.

25 DEC 98: MERRY CHRISTMAS! Despite being Christmas I still posted a few new images onto the visual page.

24 DEC 98: I updated the Gaderffii profile with new information from the Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Weapons and Technology. Also, I am touching up the overall look of the page here and there.

23 DEC 98: Yesterday, as you can see, I didn't work on the page at all. Getting ready for the holidays has left me little time this week but I did manage today to work on the new Stories section and post the first story there. I have put the new background on hold for now until I can modify some of my graphics to match it.

21 DEC 98: As you can see there is a new background on the page. Gone is the plain solid black background. I have yet to apply the background to the entire page and I am still trying different colors that show well and look good on the new background (trust me there aren't that many.)

20 DEC 98: Nothing new on the page today. I am currently working on changing the appearance of the page. The page should have a new improved look before Christmas.

19 DEC 98: I did very little work on the page today besides adding 4 more images to the visual gallery and another .wav file to the audio archive.

18 DEC 98: Still working on touching up the page here and there with little work done on the overall contents. I am working with Scott Moore in making a new column graphic to replace the basic icons there now. Hopefully I will be able to incorporate it unto the page this weekend.

17 DEC 98: Slowly but surely the page is coming along. I did not work on the content of page too much today but more on the little things here and there.

16 DEC 98: The contents column now has a graphic instead of simple text. I hope to have the other text-based headers to graphics soon. I worked on the final two profiles (well, for now, I will have more profiles in the near future), the Jundland Wastes and Tatooine.

15 DEC 98: I wasn't able to spend as much time today as I wanted to working on the page. I did managed to work on the profiles for Gaderffii and Hunting Blaster Rifle. I also touched up a few items here and there.

14 DEC 98: There are now icons under the contents column instead of just text. These are compliments, once again, from Scott Moore. There will be more icons coming soon. I have also worked on the profile section and have just about finished the Tusken Raiders and Banthas profile. I added a few more images to the viusal archive, too.

13 DEC 98: Construction is still underway. I have worked on the contents of the page some but I am still focusing on the overall layout. I uploaded and posted several thumbnailed images to the visual archive, as well as a single .wav file to the audio archive.

12 DEC 98: Today was the first day of construction on the page. This is my first web page so things are moving slow. I managed to get the title, an image, and some text put onto the main page. Also, I was able to start the contents column.


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